The Largest Commercial And Homeland Security Exhibition And Conference Held In East Africa

Security & Fire Exhibition and ConferenceSecurity & Fire Exhibition and Conference

The Largest Commercial And Homeland Security Exhibition And Conference Held In East Africa




See here for the PROSAK endorsement letter to Securexpo East Africa

Founded in the year 2015 to ensure professionalism in the management of corporate security and safety operations in Kenya. Founding Members are drawn from across the Corporate Security and Safety Profession in Kenya

PROSAK recognizes organizations, and Security and Safety Professionals who are everyday giving security and safety service to industry and commerce in Kenya. There are no boundaries its operations and the highest technical standards are stringently applied in all our operations. Members who go against professional security ethics are dealt with in accordance with PROSAK regulations.

Information Exchange
The PROTECTIVE & SAFETY ASSOCIATION OF KENYA  (PROSAK) is a security and safety management professional membership Association.  PROSAK intends to develop and enhance the practice of security and safety as a professional career by the provision of security management progammes and exchange of information by security and safety suppliers.

There is a clear understanding that the Association has no trade union or political connections or aspirations. PROSAK is an independent professional security and safety body controlled and paid for by its members.

PROSAK is established with the main objective of providing and organizing training opportunities, business opportunities and a structured professional career development programs. PROSAK, through its affiliation and linkages with other international security and safety associations will provide security and safety practitioners with relevant skills and knowledge that will enable them become professionals in management.

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