The Largest Commercial And Homeland Security Exhibition And Conference Held In East Africa

Securexpo East Africa | Security & Fire Exhibition and Conference Securexpo East Africa | Security & Fire Exhibition and Conference Securexpo East Africa | Security & Fire Exhibition and Conference

The Largest Commercial And Homeland Security Exhibition And Conference Held In East Africa

Day 2

Day 2

See below the conference agenda for Day two of the Securexpo 2018 East Africa Conference:

Day 2

Time Description Speaker
10.30 – 11.00

Security Association Key Note

Keynote from an east African security association that represents the interests of the public and private security industry.

Erick Okeyo

MBS. National Chairman Kenya Security Industry Association & Vice Chairman Private Security Regulatory

11.30 – 12.00

The Negative Impact Of Counterfeiting On The Kenyan People And Economy COUNTERFEITING: PROMOTING & PROTECTING KENYAN PEOPLE & THEIR BRANDS

Counterfeiting and piracy have become a global epidemic, leading to a significant drain on businesses and the global economy, jeopardizing investments in creativity and innovation, undermining recognized brands and creating consumer health and safety risks.

Among the goods most frequently counterfeited in Kenya are alcoholic beverages, drugs and medicines, cosmetics, soaps,  detergents and hair products. How is Kenya combatting counterfeitiing and what impact is this having on the local security sector?

Trevor Mimano

Halliday Finch Africa

12.30 – 13.00

Kenya Cyber Security Report 2018: Achieving Cyber Security Resilience

As more businesses digitize their business processes and move to the internet, their exposure to cyber-attacks increases. One common theme across this report is the growth in cyber-criminal activity targeting both specific public and private organisations in Kenya. Criminals are not only targeting computers but are also targeting the information stored and transmitted within networks. Gain an understanding into the current top threats, risks and levels of awareness in Kenya.

Kevin Kimani


13.30 – 14.00

Kenya Computer & Cyber Crimes Bill 2018

In a bid to tackle cyber crime issues, the Kenyan government has recently approved the Computer and Cyber crime bill. Obstacles such as identity theft, online fraud, money laundering, phishing, cyber stalking, hate speech and radicalisation will see perpetrators arrested. Kenya may lose more than Sh20.2 billion to cyber crimes this year if proper protection on internet infrastructure is not put in place. Gain an indepth insight into what the bill comprises of and how it will aid cyber activities in Kenya moving forward.

Juliet Wangui Maina

Tripleoklaw Advocates

14.30 – 15.00


It's not only the frequency of the cyber attacks happening in Kenya at the moment, but also the size and sophistication of these assaults that government and business need to face up to. Kenya has also shown a major increase in Web-connected devices. Particular concern surrounds Kenya's growing financial, telecommunications and manufacturing sectors that are becoming popular targets for cyber crime. How is Kenya dealing with increased cyber crime and what mechanisms are being used to combat this phenomenon?

Cyrus Ngaruiya

Arbor Networks

15.30 – 16.00

Securing Innovation In The Age Of Lot

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) is a great challenge impacting organisations and manufacturers across the world. Often IoT devices, which can range from anything from baby monitors to cameras, even e-cigarettes, are poorly secured with the most basic levels of protection. How do we secure innovation in a climate predominantly determined by IOT usage?

Laura Chite

CIO East Africa

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