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A life jacket for buildings

POSTED: 10th Aug

In most cases, fires and other emergencies in buildings can be recognised early and evacuation procedures can commence preventing serious injury and loss of life. The problem is that many injuries or even fatalities can occur during the evacuation as a result of smoke, noxious fumes and gas, which, when inhaled, can quickly disorient and even disable people, which could lead to death.

To provide a means for individuals to safely escape from buildings in a fire or other emergency, Gary Hicks, who boasts over 25 years’ experience across the military and the private security sector working in high-risk health and safety environments, has developed the Escape Air Vest (EAV).

The EAV is a purpose-designed vest that provides the user with an on-demand air supply and other safety gear to help them escape from incidents such as fire, smoke, poisonous gases, and biological contamination. It is a versatile product and has the advantage of usability across many industries, including oil and gas, mining, building services, police and defence services, security and even the leisure industry – virtually anywhere there could be an issue with smoke and/or gas inhalation.

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