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Setting New Standards for PPE

POSTED: 6th May

Many of the test methods used in product standards for PPE need to be improved so that there is more consistency of test results between testing laboratories.

This article concentrates on work to improve the test methods in product standards for heat and flame protective apparel, reviews imminent changes to related product standards and lists new or recently published ones, some of which deal with PPE ensembles, not just apparel.

The standardisation activities covered in this article are those of ISO, the International Organisation for Standardisation, and of CEN, the Committee for European Normalisation.

Improving test methods

There is increasing realisation that the lack of adequate consistency (expressed as reproducibility) of test results from many test methods, such as those called up in product standards (that is performance specifications) for the heat and flame protective clothing sector, is causing problems for PPE end users. They may not be aware that if they permit test data to be provided by more than one testing laboratory, they may not obtain the correct technical ranking of competing items of PPE offered by responders to a tender.

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